Public Speaker, Small Business Owner, and Writer in Atlantic Canada


Public Speaker, Small Business Owner, and Writer in Atlantic Canada

Hello and Welcome!

If you have come across my page, you are here for one of three reasons:

  • You are an Entrepreneur, Founder or an organization supporting entrepreneurs and you are seeking an experienced motivational Ideation & Business Design Coach - OR -
  • You are a woman in career transition or job re-entry and you are exploring self-employment as an option - OR -
  • You are a woman seeking to learn the heart and soul of Public Speaking

As an experienced Ideation & Business Design Coach and Small Business Development Consultant, I've been working with entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners for over 30 years helping them crystalize their ideas, develop solid business plans, and create winning pitch decks that secures the funding and investment they need to startup their business or launch their new product or service in the marketplace. When we work together the focus is all about you and your ideas. Together, we ideate around the business opportunities and value of your ideas, while providing you with the business vocabulary that helps you to confidently share your story with potential clients, customers, funders, and investors.

As an experienced Woman Empowerment, Leadership & Public Speaking Coach I've been helping women start and launch new careers and businesses for over 20 years. You may be a woman who feels stuck and in a rut looking to make change in your life, or you could be a woman with very defined and specific goals that you would like to move forward. The one thing you have in common is you need a fun, inspirational and motivational coach who can help you ideate around how to best move your life positively forward through the power of Speaking Up and Using Your Voice to be the change you want to see in the world.

Regardless of what has brought you here, I would love to explore the potential of working with you and doing great things together.

If you would like to work with me, please:

I will follow up with you within 48 hours of receiving your message.


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